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International orders are now subject to a minimum of 10.

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White Habanero Chilli


UPDATED - 10th February 2017

International orders are now subject to a minimum of 10.

We have a wide range of Chilli seeds available that are easy to grow and produce fruit in all colours, shapes and sizes. Some are mild, most are hot and a few are scorching. You can start to grow Tomatoes soon and we have some short season varieties, ideal for patios that produce fruit in as little as 2 months. Growing Exotic fruit and Bananas is easy but you'll need the weather to warm up.

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We supply a range of rare and unusual seeds including chilli seeds, tomato seeds, banana seeds, exotic fruit seeds, bonsai seeds and flower seeds to the UK and Europe either online or via mail order.

Postage only 1.00
Please note, Orders placed from outside of the United Kingdom are subject to a minimum order value of 10.00 and due to import restrictions in many countries, we cannot send seeds outside the European Union.

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Passiflora Edulis

White Habanero Chilli Passiflora Edulis

Black Cherry Tomato

Black Pine Bonsai

Black Cherry Tomato Japanese Black Pine

Musa Velutina

Ricinus Communis

Musa Velutina Ricinus Communis
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